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About Me

Hello and welcome to Holmes Cooked Meals.  My name is Maria Holmes and I love to cook and eat fine tasting food that’s good for you.  There are few things as satisfying as sitting down to a homemade meal with those you love.  My interest in food is centered on my family.  I am married to a wonderful husband and I am mother to a beautiful girl (Ellie – 8 years old) and a wonderful boy (Isaac – 6 years old).

I am by no means a professional chef, but I would like to think that I’m a good home cook.  I especially love to create delicious meals that are easy to prepare and made with a minimum of fuss.  I believe that if it takes too long to prepare, then it better be worth it!

My interest in cooking came to me while I was working as a waitress in a small local café.  I loved everything about it … the amazing smells of simmering soup and freshly baked bread, the spicy aroma of a healthy bowl of gumbo, and  the melt in your mouth goodness of an apple pie that just came out of the oven.  The art of baking and cooking captivated my soul.

My Incurable “Disease”

But my newly found love for cooking came at a cost.  I have developed a severe (but non-life-threatening) disease called “Low-Resistance-to-Yummy-Recipes-Syndrome” (a.k.a Cookbookitis).  One of the symptoms of this disease is the complete inability to resist collecting cookbooks, magazines with recipes, even those little brand name mini-cookbooks positioned oh-so-temptingly next to grocery store checkout lanes. For years I tried to get around this by doing most of my major grocery shopping at Costco.  But guess what?  Costco started selling cookbooks and now my collection continues to grow.

I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have at least 500, maybe more, cookbooks (now I did say it’s a disease!).   I am going to try to inventory my collection of cookbooks soon.  I’ll let you know how many I have when I finally catalogue and classify all of them.

With soooooo many cookbooks, I am always trying to find the best foods to feed my family.  I am passionate about only serving my family meals  that will strengthen, grow, and energize them.   I have been reading my many cookbooks and started thinking about creating a blog and sharing my many creations with other avid home cooks.  There is always so much to learn!

You will notice that I try to keep my cooking style clean and simple.  I know that the more simple I keep it, the more likely I’m going to succeed in consistently preparing beautiful and tasty meals.

It’s been a journey of learning and experimenting in the kitchen, but one that I’ve greatly enjoyed. I hope that this blog helps you in your journey as well!

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2 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Jay J. Schneiderman 2012-11-29

    Having just bought your Pressure cooker recipe book, kindle edition, I’m confused. First off, let me say, I’m not new to Pressure cooking; I know how to use a pressure cooker. But your recipe instruction to simply “release pressure”, doesn’t mention what type of release your talking about !
    I’ve got a number of Pressure cooker books, all of which clearly specify “natural release”, where one simply turns off the heat under the cooker, or “quick” release, where the cooker is place in a sink of cold water while opening the pressure valve.
    Unless I’m missing something , I don’t which type of release you mean; I’d appreciate an answer ……

    Jay J. Schneiderman

    • Maria Holmes 2012-11-29

      Hi Jay,

      First, I would like to thank you for purchasing my Pressure Cooker recipe book. Now to answer your question, you can use either the natural release of quick release methods to release the pressure when preparing my recipes. However, I personally use the quick release method by placing the cooker under cold running water. I hope this helps, and please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions. I will also make sure to incorporate your recommendation and will be specifying which release method to use in a future revision to the book. I will also be pleased to let you know how to get any future revision or my book free of charge.

      Thanks again for your patronage!


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