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Cooking Under Extreme Pressure!

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Pressure Cooker

One of our age-old pieces of kitchen equipment is making headlines these days.  It is the pressure cooker.  Long used as the power source for those huge turbines in ocean-crossing ships, this same kind of power has been confined in a modern saucepan for today’s busy cook.

Today we are thinking more than ever about how to get the greatest nutrition value from the food we eat.  This involves consumer awareness and information about wise food selection, storage for greatest usefulness and preparation of foods so that our bodies receive their optimal nutritional benefits.  

Once you have used a pressure cooker, you know what a hard worker it can be.  It saves time for the busy career person or homemaker.  Pressure cooking also saves food wastage and retains the flavor and colour of all ingredients.  And by using fast steam cooking, foods retain their maximum vitamins and minerals while reducing energy usage – that number 1 concern of all of us these days.  The result?  Tasty foods, whether simple home dishes or fancy ones with a gourmet flair.  Just as the microwave oven lends its special magic to baked specialities, the pressure cooker does its special thing for foods that are usually boiled, steamed, stewed or baked.

In regular cooking methods, some of the vitamins content of foods is lost (particularly vitamin C) through oxidation and long cooking.  Since pressure cooking is fast cooking and done in the absence of light and air and with a minimum amount of water and fat, oxidation is eliminated and nutrient loss is minimized.

Of course, pressure cooking can’t restore vitamin or mineral loss occasioned by poor selection or long storage of food before use.   It is important that we only buy fresh, unblemished fruits, vegetables and meat at their prime if pressure cooking is to operate at its highest level.

Vintage Pressure CookerHealth authorities agree that cooking under pressure gives the most modern, scientific method for mineral and vitamin preservation.  This benefit to health … the natural way … cannot be over emphasized.

Money wise, this method of cooking not only saves you in energy costs but also allows you to buy less expensive cuts of meat and get pleasing results.  Shrinkage is also reduced to a minimum.

You’ll find, as you experiment to get the fullest return from your pressure cooker, that you can do almost anything with it (if you combine it with browning of meats prior to cooking under pressure).  You’ll discover that you can even prepare baby foods, desserts, and canning in your pressure cooker.

If you are interested in experiencing the benefits and joy of pressure cooking, then I invite you to check-out my new cookbook, Pressure Cooking Recipe Book:  Fast Cooking Under Extreme Pressure, now available at the Amazon Kindle Store.  In this cookbook, you will discover that the bland and uninspired pressure cooker meals that your mother made are a thing of the past.   Every single recipe in this cookbook has been personally selected, tried and tested by myself to ensure that each one delivers quick, delicious, and easy to make meal that the entire family will enjoy.

Now go into the kitchen, knowing that you can get that meal onto the table in 10 to 30 minutes.  Bon Appetite!  And good nutrition too!


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